Sermons from September 2014

faith s

Faith (English)

As fish can’t live without water, a child of God can’t live without faith. Faith seems simple but complex. What is the true nature of faith? The answer to this can be seen in part when we examine the faith of two men of bible: Abraham (Ge 15:5,6) & Thomas (Jn 20:24,25). Abraham, the father […]

i shall lead you s

I Shall lead you (Tamil)

Isaiah 48:17 I shall lead you Isaiah 42:16 – God will lead you through the unknown path Exodus 14:25,26 – God will lead you in the midst of your enemies Isaiah 40:11 – God will lead you with understanding John 10:4 – God will lead you through his voice Psalm 23:2,5 – God will lead […]