Sermons from August 2014


Worship (Tamil)

What is Worship? 1.How do we enter His presence? – Psalms 100:4 2.What do we get when we worship? – Psalms-22:3-5 3.How God delivered His people when the worshipped him? Acts 16:23-26 4.The duty of God’s children – Hebrews 2:12 5.Promised blessings for the children of God who worship Him – Psalms 89:15,84:4,50:23 6.God who […]

vision large

God given vision shall be fulfilled (Tamil)

1. Habakkuk 2:2-3 – God’s vision, dream, prophesy and promise will not delay 2. Genesis 37:7,9 – God’s Vision concerning your family shall be fulfilled 3. Exodus 3:3,10 – God’s Vision concerning your calling and career shall be fulfilled 4. Daniel 2:31 -God’s Vision concerning political & government rules shall be fulfilled 5. Acts 10:11,13 […]