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Worship (Tamil)

What is Worship? 1.How do we enter His presence? – Psalms 100:4 2.What do we get when we worship? – Psalms-22:3-5 3.How God delivered His people when the worshipped him? Acts 16:23-26 4.The duty of God’s children – Hebrews 2:12 5.Promised blessings for the children of God who worship Him – Psalms 89:15,84:4,50:23 6.God who […]

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God given vision shall be fulfilled (Tamil)

1. Habakkuk 2:2-3 – God’s vision, dream, prophesy and promise will not delay 2. Genesis 37:7,9 – God’s Vision concerning your family shall be fulfilled 3. Exodus 3:3,10 – God’s Vision concerning your calling and career shall be fulfilled 4. Daniel 2:31 -God’s Vision concerning political & government rules shall be fulfilled 5. Acts 10:11,13 […]

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Gods blessings for 2014

John:15:16 1.Gods PLAN will be fulfilled. 2.Gods PROTECTION will be with you. 3.Gods PRESENCE will be with you. 4.Gods PROSPERITY will be seen. 5.Gods POWER will be manifested. 6.Gods PRESENTS will come. 7.Gods PURPOSE will be accomplished. This message was preached on the 1st Week Jan 2014 2nd Service (English) at ACA Church Anna Nagar […]