Sermons on John

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Faith (English)

As fish can’t live without water, a child of God can’t live without faith. Faith seems simple but complex. What is the true nature of faith? The answer to this can be seen in part when we examine the faith of two men of bible: Abraham (Ge 15:5,6) & Thomas (Jn 20:24,25). Abraham, the father […]

Total Tranformation (Tamil)

John 4:42 1.Jesus Seeks the thirsty. 2.Jesus Guides from the known to the unknown. 3.Jesus meets the felt need. 4.Jesus Appreciates truthfulness. 5.Jesus Teaches about worship. 6.Jesus makes a sinner a saint. 7.Jesus Transforms an entire community.

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Gods blessings for 2014

John:15:16 1.Gods PLAN will be fulfilled. 2.Gods PROTECTION will be with you. 3.Gods PRESENCE will be with you. 4.Gods PROSPERITY will be seen. 5.Gods POWER will be manifested. 6.Gods PRESENTS will come. 7.Gods PURPOSE will be accomplished. This message was preached on the 1st Week Jan 2014 2nd Service (English) at ACA Church Anna Nagar […]