Pastor Kumar


Dear brothers and sisters,

At the age of 21 I lived a hindu who didnt know Jesus. But God, being gracious revealed himself to me, my heart was touched, I was captivated by his unconditional love and my life was never the same!

Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is a wonderful experience.And to share his love with those who havent experienced it yet is the most important purpose of our lives on planet earth.

We who without Jesus were ‘dead in sin’ can now with Jesus be ‘dead to sin’.

And by the power of the Holy Spirit we are empowered to love the unlovable, help the ungrateful, forgive the undeserving, pray for the ungodly and to serve the unfaithful.

We hope that you will experience His love and grace as you explore this website and connect with our church.

Remember God loves you and he is able to keep you to the very end!

God bless you.